Spoonful of Music

Music shines a light in dark places.

Imagine your days are filled with endless treatments for a disease you can't see and don't understand. A disease that imposes physical limitations, sometimes intensely painful, that impact your ability to live a full life. How would this affect your outlook?

Every day thousands of kids in hospitals across the country face this battle with chronic and incurable illnesses ranging from common forms of cancer to rare and little known diseases. Though they fight unique battles, all of these kids do so with an inspiring mix of hope and moxie, unwilling to let their illnesses define them or limit their potential. Spoonful of Music Foundation was created by individuals in the Music and Medical fields who want to provide these young warriors with uplifting and therapeutic experiences that enrich their quality of life.

Through the use of instructed and participatory music therapy, Spoonful of Music Foundation gives kids who are battling chronic disease a unique gift – an immersive creative experience that allows them to momentarily forget their illness while expressing themselves through music.

Starting in June 2014, Spoonful of Music Foundation will unveil a new form of music therapy in hospitals from coast to coast. Building on work pioneered at Children's Hospital Los Angeles and their Teen Impact program, Spoonful of Music Foundation is creating a network of Mobile Music Labs.

These labs will allow us to give kids who are fighting chronic disease the tools to momentarily forget their struggles while learning new skills and expressing their creativity. Our unique combination of learning and exploring through music and technology also offers researchers an opportunity to study the positive effects of music therapy. The Foundation is committed to supporting research that studies the healing benefits of music for young patients who are fighting chronic illnesses through grants available to partner hospitals.

Working with some of the best Children's Hospitals across the country, we're determined to put smiles on the faces and music in the hearts of chronically ill kids.

Will you help us?

Our Founders

Smith Carlson

Smith Carlson is a Grammy®-nominated, multi-platinum engineer, producer, and songwriter from Greensboro, NC. Smith began his career with the prestigious Chalice Recording Studios working alongside the likes of Dave Grohl, Kanye West, and the cast of Glee. For the last several years, he has been working with Ryan Tedder, one of the most successful producers and songwriters in modern music. His songwriting and production credits include Beyoncé, Adele, and OneRepublic.

Hillel Bocian

Hillel Bocian is an Internal Medicine Resident at USC/LA County who is focusing on the field of oncology as a subspecialty. Through a program that matches children suffering from severe illness with teachers in the arts, HilIel gave guitar lessons to young neuroblastoma patient Carlo Santiago for more than a year. Since Carlo's passing in 2011, Hillel has been working on the development of the Spoonful of Music Foundation.

During his time at USC medical school, Hillel co-founded the student-run clinic that serves an underprivileged pediatric and adult population in South and East Los Angeles. He continues his involvement in a number of other clinic projects. Hillel graduated from USC in 2014 with a dual MD-MBA. He lives in Studio City, CA.

Jim Boitnott

Jim Boitnott is an accomplished musician who currently serves as Executive Vice President of Product Services for Presonus Audio Electronics. Jim leads the development and engineering of our Spoonful of Music Mobile Labs, making them technically exceptional and forming key partnerships to procure top of the line instruments and electronics for each lab.

In addition to his leadership at PreSonus and Spoonful of Music Foundation, Jim has worked and performed around the globe with Grammy-award-winning musicians and composers. Jim has also composed original music for more than 30 films, taught guitar and composition at three universities and produced music in a variety of genres. He has also volunteered at hospitals for years playing and teaching music for many incredible young students.

Executive Team

Brad Procton CEO

Brad received his undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University with continuing education in Business management at Guilford College. He has held numerous positions in a manufacturing company with concentrations in: Executive Management; Communications, Marketing; Manufacturing Systems and Strategic Forecasting. His strength in broad approach management vision allows him to achieve both excellent strategic planning and long-term production goals. In addition to his business management history, he has extensive non-profit experience with Eastern Music Festival; American Cancer Society; and other local and regional charities.

Mary Horan COO

Mary received her undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has an extensive background in the non-profit sector having provided both leadership and fundraising expertise to some of the most prestigious institutions in the State of North Carolina.

John Monarch CTO

John Monarch is a graduate of Clemson University in Physics, with additional emphasis areas in Computer Science and Music. He is currently the CEO of Direct Outbound Services, a Greenville, SC based company that he is a founder of and has grown to have over 150 employees in the customer service and logistics industries. John has a strong background in music, including being an accomplished French Horn player with years of orchestra performance, and has served as a volunteer, brass instructor, and composer/arranger for multiple South Carolina high school marching bands. Music has long been a focus of his, and he continues to actively be involved in the classical, drum corps, and art music communities.

Board of Directors

Smith Carlson
Brad Procton
Vice Chairman
Dr. Hillel Bocian, MD
Science & Medical Officer
Jim Boitnott
Secretary / Treasurer
John Monarch
Technology & Communications